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Word by word or volume by volume? Now reading is a question of… PhotoReading!

Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation (www.LearningStrategies.com), is the principal developer of the PhotoReading whole mind system.
Seven years after graduating with a science degree from the University of Minnesota he took a speed reading test where he realized that his 16-plus years in public schools left him below average in reading skills and an expert at putting off reading.

After several weeks of training in speed reading he managed to increase his speed and comprehension. After leaving the course he rarely used the techniques but remained intrigued about the mind's potential for processing written words.
Paul Scheele

He felt trapped between two opposing belief systems. One belief came from the elementary education models of reading. An opposing belief came from knowing that the human mind can achieve far more magnificent results. Through his desire to experience new ways so that people can learn how to read more effectively, he decided to devote his life searching how to make reading easy, fast and at the comprehension level needed.

He studied adult learning and human development technologies, psychology, biology, accelerative learning, preconscious processing, educational kinesiology, Science and Arts and he began Learning Strategies Corporation so that people can benefit through his research.

You can find evidence that such mental processing is possible and has been used in diverse settings from military training and martial arts to ancient religious traditions.
He devoted his full time to designing a seminar based upon the accelerative learning model, expert strategies of rapid reading, the human development technology, and studies on preconscious processing. Soon the PhotoReading seminar was born.

In January and February of 1986 taught the first six pilot courses.
The results of those who attended were:

1. reduce stress
2. mnemonics
3. continuous and easy flow in reading
4. excellent grades in school tests
5. increase in lawyers victories and people involved in sales

Inspired by participants' excitement, he worked on refining the curriculum design and teaching materials with his business associates. On May 16, 1986, the Minnesota Department of Education licensed Learning Strategies Corporation as a private vocational school after reviewing the PhotoReading seminar curriculum and their business practices.
When the President of the United States of America declared the 1990s the "decade of the brain," he invited an explosion of new research in cognitive science. The resulting breakthroughs in our understanding of how the brain processes information have offered unprecedented support for the pursuit of new approaches to learning. PhotoReading has earned international recognition for its innovations to education.

Instructors specially trained and certified by Learning Strategies Corporation, continually upgrade PhotoReading into a life-transforming human development experience that incorporates the latest in brain research to help achieve success.